Nicky was born in England and still loves to go home and visit her family after many years of living in the United States.

She graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from The Illinois Institute of Art and worked in the field for some years. However, art was always her passion since childhood and her design degree allowed her sketching and rendering skills to soar. Nicky loves animals and nature and so making baby animal prints for children was a natural progression after she began creating a few on request from friends and later, her customers.

In addition to running her online shops, Nicky has licensed her work around the United States and her work can be found at some large retailers. She has also illustrated a children's book and has two more book projects in the works.

When she's not creating, Nicky loves to walk in nature and tend to her garden. She lives in Illinois with her husband, two teenage-to-grown-up daughters and an incredibly spoiled cat.